About Us

In 2008, Lloyds & Co Letchworth Ltd celebrated its 130th anniversary.


Lloyd, Lawrence & Company as it was first known was founded by John Post Lawrence in 1878 as an agency for the import and sale of American “Pennsylvania” mowing machines in the City of London.


In 1913 John Lawrence decided that Letchworth would be an ideal new location for the company and so began the company’s long and deep association with the First Garden City.


Production of the first Letchworth-made “Pennsylvania” professional mowers started in early 1934 and this was followed by the development and manufacture of a range of other compatible equipment.


The excellent reputation of Lloyds and Co of Letchworth has been achieved in the UK and overseas by consistent hard work and dedication by the team at Lloyds. Emphasis has always been on supplying quality, robust products coupled with high standards of customer care. All this has contributed to the high esteem and respect that the company continues to be held in across the world.


Customers include the Crown Estates many of the Royal Households and Chequers, as well as many top sporting venues. For cricket Lloyds supply the test match grounds, for golf the open championships courses, the Queen’s club for tennis as well as many other clubs in every sport. In fact in its 130 year history there must be hardly a venue left that hasn’t been maintained with a Lloyd’s machine at sometime.


The company has continued to expand its operations not only through the introduction and development of a wide variety of machinery for the Turfcare market, but with the recent purchase of Hunter precision grinders; another well respected British product.


This expansion will ensure future growth and is part of a marketing strategy to strengthen the export markets for both Lloyds and Hunters equipment.


Lloyds still remains a privately owned company with many of its employees having a vested interest. It is run by Clive Nottingham who joined the company in 1975 and after many years experience in all areas of the business was appointed Managing Director in 1997 with overall responsibility of the Company as well as Sales, Marketing & Public Relations.


Lloyds continues to advocate a philosophy of providing a personal service in the supply and maintenance of high quality products to the professional market


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