Turf Maintenance Equipment

BA - 600 Core, Slitter, Fracture & Spiker Aerators.


Aeration encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy green grass.


Extended Aeration:

- Beyond Coring spring / fall

- Eliminates surface disturbance and core residue.


Benefits of Slitter Tine Aeration:

- Clean cut entry and exit of tine

- Aerify and putt immediately after

- 15, 21 and 35 day frequency

- Allows entry of moisture in dry spots on greens and tees

- Drainage of excess surface water

- Conservation of water, ( slitting of greens, and tees prior to irrigation directs water quicker to the root zone)

- Relief of compaction during the season.

- No Fear of opening greens and tees to release moisture

- Quick to attach and operate in confined areas with any turf vehicle

- Now available in 3pt hitch.




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