Turf Maintenance Equipment



The Greenline Combi-Trailer system covers a number of functions, of which the high tip trailer is the central unit.


The high tip trailer can be used without machines or fitted with:

- Flail mower, Shredder, Wood Chipper, Waste handling equipment.


The flail mower is used for:

- Scarifying, Cutting of long and short grass, Collecting leaves, twigs and rubbish as well as hedge cuttings.


The Shredder is used for:

- Shredding of branches, spruce, fir bush cuttings and scrap wood.


The wood chipper is used for:

- Cutting of trunk and logs.


The Greenline Combi-Trailer is used by many professionals such as:


Sports Grounds - Golf Courses - Cemeteries - Municipal Services - Park and forest - Authorities - Large Estates - Recreation Grounds - Apartments and Condominiums - Highway Authorities - Heathery Areas - Public Utility Companies and many others.


Combi-Trailer Junior


The Greenline Combi-Trailer Junior is mounted in the 3 point linkage of the tractor. It performs the same tasks as its "big brother" the Greenline Combi-Trailer with the flail mower I.e. scarifying, cutting of long and short grass, collecting leaves, twigs and other parkland rubbish as well as hedge cuttings and waste in parks after concerts and meetings.



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