Hover Mower - HM 19h4 - Honda 5.5 HP


For flat dry turf a conventional mower will do, but when mowing conditions are extreme nothin performs like the Hover Mower.


With a powerful Honda 4-cycle engine mathced to the largest impeller in the business, this mower is built to hover light and deliver big performance. It hovers with ease on lake banks and slopes. It cuts and mulches tall, wet grass for a clean professional look. The new 4-cycle engine is light and specially designed for continuous incline operation. It runs quiet and clean. It is CARB and EPA certified.


The Hover Mower floats effortlessly on a cushion of air; without any wheels its mows in any direction following the contour of the land. For a fast professional cut on steep slopes, wet grounds, lank banks, bunker/sand traps, retaining walls and hard to reach angles, Hover Mower is the answer.


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